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Admin Items are the containers in which content is managed in Listpoint. The rather obscure name comes from the International Standard for Metadata Registries (ISO11179) on which much of Listpoint is based. Admin Items are version controlled metadata objects but it is easier to understand them through their subtypes:

  • A Code List (aka CV Set) is a collection of Constrained Values (sometimes called enumerations), some structural information recording how they relate to each other, some data quality rules and other associated metadata;
  • A Context represents the configuration of a particular application system or data standard. It comprises a collection of Data Types. A Context is similar to an iPod playlist in that it records a collection of Code List that are relevant to a particular user community. Each choice from the pool of Code Lists held is recorded as an EDT, which also records any filters, selection and sorting choices that have been chosen to modify the raw Code List to suit the needs of the consuming Context (e.g. excluding obsolete codes perhaps).
  • A Context Map is a collection the Code Maps that are required to translate codes used in a Source Context into the equivalent codes in a Target Context. This is used when building an interface between two applications.

In future, additional subtypes of Administered Item may be added to Listpoint such as Event (being an expression of the structure of a data record passed between two Contexts in response to some defined stimulus).

The common properties of an Admin Item are:

Property Description
Item name The name of the Admin Item, which can be up to 80 chars. Each Admin Item name must be unique within Listpoint.
Version number A number permitting a series of snapshots of each Admin Item to be held reflecting its configuration at particular time
Admin Status The Admin Status of an Item indicates where it is in the lifecycle - Draft, Latest, Superseded, Deprecated
Registration Status (scope) The Registration Status of an Item indicates how widely it is recognised as a standard
Description A synopsis of the Item
Last Change Date When it was last updated
Last Changed By The username of the last user to update it
Publication Policy The Publication Policy of an Item indicates whether anyone can see it or whether there are restrictions
Publication Date The date when the Item was frozen by publishing it
Change Reason Why the most recent update was applied
Discussion Forum URL The web address where changes to this item or suggestions for improvement may be discussed with the owner and steward team members
OwnListpointer Team The Listpoint team that has business ownership of this item. Members of this team can review new drafts prior to publication.
Steward Team The Listpoint team chosen by the Owner Team to maintain the contents of the Item. Members of this team may have the right to edit it provided they also have the relevant User Role


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