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The Admin Status of an Admin Item indicates where it is in its lifecycle.

The various stages are:

Stage Icon Description
Draft AdminStatus1.gif When an Item is Draft it may be edited by members of its Steward team and viewed only by members of its Owner Team. This is the stage during which consultation should occur to achieve consensus on the changes that should be applied. The governance process surrounding this stage will typically be set by the Owner team and is not controlled by It may be very informal or at the other end of the scale might involve formal project board meetings to approve a set of changes before they can be published.
Latest AdminStatus2.gif When a draft Item is published it becomes the new Latest version of that Admin Item. The hitherto Latest version becomes Superseded. Once published an Admin Item cannot be changed (except to alter its Publication Policy and Discussion Forum URL)
Superseded AdminStatus3.gif An Item that has been published but is no longer the latest version is shown as Superseded. Items normally become superseded when a later version of it is published however it is possible (for users with the Registrar role) to create a Superseded link between any two Items of the same type even if they have different names. This allows, for instance, several Code Lists to be superseded by one newer Code List that, perhaps, combined their contents. See Lineage for more.
Deprecated AdminStatus4.gif A Superseded Item can become so out of date that its Stewards wish to indicate it is no longer safe to use. This can be done by setting its status to Deprecated
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