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The Code List page shows details of a Code List.

  • The top panel provides basic details of the name, description (if any), status etc:
  • The Template tab shows a list of the Levels comprising the Code List. If it is a Hierarchy there will be two or more but usually there is only one Level. It also shows the settings of a few Business Rules that are tested during Validation. You can navigate from each Level to a page showing the Level's contents (its Codes and Meanings):
Code list1.gif
  • The Who uses it? tab shows a list of all the Contexts in which an EDT references this Code List.
Codelist who tab.gif
  • The History tab shows any older or newer Code Lists that are associated with this Code List (ie those that form its Lineage). Usually the other Code Lists will have the same name but names of things can change during their life and there can be splits and merges with other Code Lists.
Codelist history tab.gif
  • The Admin Details tab shows common administration details applicable to all types of Admin Items
Codelist admindetails tab.gif
  • The Download tab allows you to download the contents of the Code List as an XML document if you wish.
Codelist download tab.gif
  • The Differences tab allows you to compare this Code List with another either in the same lineage or with a completely different Code List and establish how they differ. The output is currently only available as a rather verbose XML document but XSLT transformations might be developed if there is user demand (subject to prioritization).
Codelist differences tab.gif
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