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If you encounter errors when you try to upload your edited Code List one of the following could be the reason:

  • If you get no error message and the upload just appears to go on forever
This is usually because you have uploaded a file saved in Microsoft Excel Workbook format and not in XML Spreadsheet format. See here for more.
  • If you get:
There was a problem with this upload: Uploaded Code List name of 'xxxx' does not match this Code List name of 'yyyy'.
This is because the Code List name in your upload file is different from the name of the Code List into which you are trying to upload. The name in your Code List upload file must be the same as the one into which you are trying to load.
  • If you get:
There was a problem with this upload: This upload file does not conform to the CLMS schema.
This could be because:
  • you are uploading a spreadsheet that does not have the '.xls' file extension.
  • you have downloaded a Code List from a Listpoint Server (e.g. 'Training') that is different from the server to which you are trying to upload (e.g. 'Live'). You can edit your upload file to correct this if you are sure you want to move content from one environment to another.
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