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Context downloads are available in the following formats:

Format Description
XML This is the standard raw XML format from which all other formats are derived. It is the only format in which all the data held on Listpoint for this Context is exposed.
XML Spreadsheet This format is again XML but Microsoft Excel (2003 or higher) will recognise this as a spreadsheet. It consists of a Data Type index page (*New*) listing all the Data Types in the Context together with which Code List they each point to. Then there is a separate page for each Data Type listing all the code values and what they mean. Versions of Excel prior to 2003 do not recognise the format although Excel 2002 can open it if Excel is started first. If you do not have access to Excel 2003 or later we can save it for you in an earlier format on request to the Helpdesk
XML Summary Spreadsheet *New* This is the same as the previous format but without all the separate Data Type pages. It just has the Data Type index page. This is the best format to use if you wish to upload a Context after making edits to your Context locally in Excel as the Data Type pages are superfluous.
XML Schema (just CV patterns) This format presents the context as an XML Schema with each EDT appearing as an xsd:SimpleType and each Code Format as an xsd:Pattern
XML Schema (all Constrained Values) This format presents the context as an XML Schema with each EDT appearing as an xsd:SimpleType, each Code Format as an xsd:Pattern and each Value as an xsd:enumeration

A few other formats are available (such as a comma separated list of values). If you need a different format please contact the Helpdesk.

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