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The Context page shows details of a Context.

  • The top panel provides basic details of the name, description, (if any) status etc:
  • The Data Types tab shows all the Enumerated Data Types or EDTs that have been added to the Context.
  • The Interested Teams tab shows a list of the Teams that have added this Context as a Favourite
Context interestedteams tab1.gif
  • The Template tab shows the expected/planned Live Date and an optional XML schema namespace declaration (which is currently unused)
Context template tab1.gif
  • The Admin Details tab shows common administration details applicable to all types of Admin Items
Context admindetails tab1.gif
  • The History tab shows any older or newer Contexts that are associated with this Context (ie those that form its Lineage). Usually the other Contexts will have the same name but names of things can change during their life and there can be splits and merges with other Contexts (e.g. if an Application is split into separate modules)
Context history tab.gif
  • The Download tab allows you to download the contents of the Context as an XML file or as an Excel spreadsheet.
Context download tab.gif
  • The Context Maps tab shows the Context maps linking to or from the Context. Click on the Context Map Name to view it.
Context contextmaps tab.gif
  • The Differences tab allows you to compare this Context with another either in the same lineage or an unrelated one.
Context differences tab1.gif
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