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Each force needs to create Owner and Steward Teams for each of the Contexts that they wish to create. Typically a different Context will be used to represent each of the Force systems from which data will be sent to PND.

Initially the NPIA FDF team will assist forces to create and administer the teams that they need, although ultimately this will be performed by the Force Administrator.

The Force Listpoint Administrator can:

  • create Teams
  • administer Team membership

The Owner team typically may consist of business users who have an interest in the data and who are interested in being able to see how the code values are mapped. The Owner team members cannot make changes within Listpoint.

The Steward team typically may consist of Force IT members or technically strong business users. The Stewards are able to make changes.

  • An Owner team can have multiple users
  • A Steward Team can have multiple users
  • A user may belong to multiple Steward or Owner teams.
  • A Context can have one and only one Owner Team
  • A Context can have one and only one Steward Team
  • The same Steward Teams can be used for multiple Force Contexts. This is because the edit function might be granted only to a limited number of users within the force
  • The same Owner team can be used for multiple Force Contexts. This could be because the same team owns the lists for all the business areas.

Recommended Team naming convention:

       * Context Owner Team :
           <<System/Business Area>> Owner Team 
           Eg: Niche Owner Team
               Crime Owner Team
               Owner Team
       * Context Steward Team :
           <<System/Business Area>> Steward Team 
           Eg: Niche Steward Team
               Crime Steward Team
               Steward Team

Teams can be created by following the instructions in Owner Team and Steward Team.

Forces need to agree and create the Owner and Steward teams before they Create Force Contexts.

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