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A Discussion Forum is a web page where a number of users can discuss the changes required to an Admin Item.

Discussion Forums are not provided by Listpoint.co.uk itself. We leave it up to Steward Teams to decide where (if anywhere) they wish online discussions about changes to take place.

Any accessible bulletin board/collaborative forum website may be used that is familiar and accessible to the intended Owner/Steward audience. It is up to members of the Owner Team of an Admin Item to decide and up to the Steward Team to edit the Item's Discussion Forum field to point to the right place.

Most forums can be referenced directly by a URL entered into the user's browser (or held as a bookmark). This URL is what needs to be entered into the Discussion Forum field when a Steward team member is editing an Admin Item. For example, Police Code Lists concerned with attributes of a Person might be discussed at http://cjxonline.pnn.police.uk/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2755 - NB this is only accessible from within the Criminal Justice Xtranet (CJX).

This field may also be changed after the Admin Item has been published.

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