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You can approve a new user who has registered for a CLMS account as follows:

  • You need the User Editor role
  • You need to be a member of either:
    • the suggested Team that the registering user chose
    • the Team that is the Administration Team for the Organization that the registering user chose
  • Click on the Admin menu option. The Admin page is displayed
  • In the User Administrator functions section, click on Unapproved Users. The Unapproved Users page is displayed:
  • This shows all those users who have registered and either:
    • have not yet verified their email address
    • have verified their email address but not yet been approved
  • Click on the username of the user that you were notified about in the email entitled 'Request for CLMS user account'
  • The Unapproved User page will be displayed:
  • It is your responsibility to check that the user is eligible to use CLMS according to one of the following guidelines:
    • The registering user's email address is within the domain OR
    • You personally know the registering user has a valid reason to use CLMS despite them not being in the Police Service OR
    • You have queried the registering user's reason by email and received a satisfactory reply and their use is corroborated by an existing user of CLMS
  • Add the user to their suggested Team (if appropriate) and any others that are necessary (e.g. Owner Teams)
  • Grant the new user appropriate CLMS roles. Typically this is all the roles except for Team Creator and Registrar
  • Click on the Approve user button.
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