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You can borrow a Code Map from another Context Map as follows:

ContextMapLink borrow.gif
  • If the Link is already Mapped press the Detach this Code Map button to park the current Code Map temporarily (or Delete this Code Map if you know it is no longer required)
  • If there are any compatible Code Maps in any other published Context Maps to which you have access on CLMS you will see a list of the Context Maps in which they appear and brief details of the Organization and Team that stewards each one:
ContextMapLink borrow2.gif
  • Finally, select the Code Map you wish to borrow - there is no button to press. The borrowed Code Map is then displayed in the Mappings tab:
ContextMapLink borrow3.gif
  • The borrowed Code Map will now feature in any Context Map downloads or other outputs as if you had created it within the local Context Map.
  • You can stop borrowing it by pressing the Stop borrowing this Code Map button and then Re-attach your old Code Map if you wish. Alternatively, if the borrowed Code Map is not quite right for your purposes you can take a copy of it and then edit it locally by pressing the Make a local copy for editing. However, if possible, it is better for many reasons to collaborate with the originating Steward Team and continue to share their original Code Map.
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