How to browse older versions of an Admin Item

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You can browse through older versions of an Admin Item using the History tab:

  • First find the latest version of the Item (e.g. by searching or browsing from some other item)
  • Select the History tab:

History LP.png

  • You can then navigate to any of the older versions.

The collection of older and newer versions for a particular Admin Item is called its Lineage.

Note that the names of items sometimes change over their life so the older versions shown on the History tab may not have the same names as the latest version. This is normal.

Also note that although normally a newer version of an Item supersedes a single older version sometimes an Item can supersede a number of older versions (where several Items have been merged) or a single older Item may have been superseded by more than one newer Version (where one Item has been split). Lineages are described further here.

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