How to change your Favourite Contexts

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You can add or remove entries from your list of Favourite Contexts as follows:

  • You need to be logged in. You also need to have the Team Editor role.
  • Click on My Account. You will see the page describing your Listpoint account.
  • Select the Team Membership tab. The teams of which you are a member will be shown.
  • Select the Team whose Favourites you wish to adjust. Team details will be displayed.
  • Select the Favourite Contexts tab. Any favourites already selected by your fellow team members will be shown.
  • As you have the Team Editor role you will see a Delete button beside the existing Favourites and the Add as Favourite button.
  • Either delete existing Favourite Contexts (e.g. if they are now superseded and no longer of interest) or add new ones by selecting them from the dropdown list.
  • Click on Home. You will see your Favourite Contexts displayed. Note that if you deleted a Favourite Context from one Team it might still be a Favourite for another of your Teams so you may still see it in your list.
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