How to check differences between two EDTs

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You can check differences between two EDTs as follows:

  • First find the Context containing the EDT that you wish to compare. The Context page is displayed.
  • Select the Data Types tab.
  • Find one of the Data Types that you wish to compare and select it. The Enumerated Data Type Page is displayed.
  • Select the Difference tab.
Edt differences tab2 LP.png
  • Usually you will want to compare an EDT with the same named one in its immediate predecessor or successor Context (ie other members of its Lineage). This is the default for the top drop down list (Current Lineage). If you wish to compare with an EDT in another Lineage you can choose from all other Lineages to which you have access.
  • The second drop down list allows you to select the required comparison Context version.
  • The third drop down list allows you to choose the required EDT against which to compare.
  • Press the Run Difference Report button. The differences are calculated and reported as an XML document that can be saved on your local workstation. The XML schema for that document is [here].
  • At present there is no spreadsheet option for presenting differences in a more readable fashion. This might be added as a future Feature Request if there is sufficient demand.
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