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Usually you will want to create a new version of an existing Context. However, if you are creating a Context for a new application you can start a new empty Context as follows:

  • You need to be logged in. You also need to have the Context Creator role.
  • Click on My Account menu option. You will see the page describing your User Profile.
  • Select the Contexts tab:
MyAccount Context tab LP.png
  • Click on Add new Context. The New Context page will be displayed.
  • Complete the new Context details. The following fields are mandatory: Context Name, Version Number, Context Type, Owner Team, Steward Team and Publication Policy.
  • Click on Insert. You will see the Context page showing the new draft context.

Once the Context has been created, you may:

  • Create EDTs by clicking Add a new EDT to this Context on the Data Types tab.

You may also:

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