How to create a Context Map

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You can create a Context Map as follows:

  • Press the Add new Context Map button. The New Context Map Details page will appear:
  • Enter a name for the Context Map and a Version number
  • Both the Source and Target Context are set initially to the Context you created from. Choose either a new Source or Target Context using the appropriate upper combo-box. The lower combo-box allows you to choose a different version in the same lineage if the latest one is not the right one:
  • Complete the remaining fields:
Scope should be left as Application
Owner Team and Steward Team must be set and will determine who can see and edit the Context Map while it is draft
Publication Policy should usually be left as Public unless there is some good reason to protect the Context Map
Discussion Forum URL can be left blank unless you wish to set up a bulletin board/discussion forum where this Context Map may be discussed online
Description (optional)
Usage Guidelines (optional)
Expected Live Date does not need to be set but can be used to synchronize the switch from an old Context Map to a new one.
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