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When starting a new draft of an existing Context Map there may be some Links that are no longer required so they can be deleted. 'Direct' or 'Unmapped' Links are straightforward but 'Mapped' Links are associated with a Code Map and deleting a Code Map inadvertently could be disastrous. So, deleting a 'Mapped' Link does not automatically delete the associated Code Map it just becomes 'detached'. The detached (or orphaned) Code Map stays within the Context Map and can be re-attached to a new Link if the new Link happens to associate the same pair of Code Lists that the Code Map was created for.

If you know you definitely do not need the Code Map you can delete it by pressing the Delete this Code Map button before deleting the Link and it will be removed.

If you want to keep the Link but check to see if there is a compatible Code Map that you can borrow from another Context Map you can explicitly Detach this Code Map temporarily and Re-attach it later on if you find nothing suitable.

Any detached (orphaned) Code Maps stay within their current Context Map unless explicitly deleted. If you Publish a Context Map containing detached Code Maps and then Start a new Draft from it the detached Code Maps will not be copied across into the new Draft.

*New* If you download a Context Map as a spreadsheet that contains one or more detached Code Maps there will be an extra tab in your spreadsheet listing the 'Detached Code Maps' so it is easier for you to find and delete them prior to upload assuming you do not want to keep the mappings they contain.

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