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You can download a Context in two ways:

  • through the website Context page as described here;
  • using Workbench (though use of Workbench is now deprecated);

You can download from the website Context page as follows:

  • Find the Context for your application - the one that uses the Code Lists you want.
  • If you want just one list look down the list of Data Types to find the one that points to the required Code List and follow the link on the Data Type to the Data Type page.
  • Select the Download tab (either on the Context page or the Data Type page)
  • The tab will offer a choice of formats:

Context download formats.jpg

  • Choose the format for the download - The two Spreadsheet formats are the most popular.
  • Press the Download button. If this is the first time the download has been requested by anyone it may take a few minutes to run.
  • A dialog box will offer the chance to either Open or Save the download. Choose Save. [ NB If you are using Firefox your dialog boxes will be a little different. ]

Context save dialog1.jpg

  • When the download has finished you can open the file:

Context download complete.jpg

  • Provided you have Excel 2003 or 2007 you will see the downloaded spreadsheet:

Context download in Excel1.jpg

  • If you are downloading a spreadsheet that you intend to edit for subsequent upload please be careful to keep it as an XML Spreadsheet and to keep the .xls filetype or it will not upload successfully.

Note that the Excel spreadsheet format has a tab for each Data Type however Microsoft imposes a limit on the length of tab names so some Data Type names have to be shortened by appending a unique number in place of the end of the name. This can make identification of the correct Data Type page difficult. The XML format does not have this restriction.

NB For application developers: Your application can download a Context in two further ways:

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