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A Code List may be edited through the website, or by downloading as a spreadsheet and then uploading.

To edit a code list using the website editor follow the instructions below:

Code list edit1 LP.png
The example above shows a simple List, which has a single Level. Other sorts of Code List are described here.
  • You can either edit the Code List's template or its contents (ie its Codes and Meanings) as described below:
  • Select the Level whose contents you wish to edit by clicking on either the Level Number (i.e. #1, #2 etc) or Name. The contents of the level will be displayed.
EditCodeList LP.png
  • Click on Edit. The contents of the selected level can now be edited.
EditCodeList1 LP.png
Code List edit22 LP.png
You can now update the entry.
To confirm the update click on Confirmupdateicon.GIF.
To cancel the update click on Cancelupdateicon.GIF.
  • If you enter a date in the past in the Eff To column...
Code List edit23 LP.png
...when you confirm the update the line will be shown with strikethroughs:
Code List edit24 LP.png
  • You can make editing of large Code Lists easier by using filters
  • A log of changes made to the draft can be viewed by pressing the 'Review' button.
Code List edit25 LP.png
  • To confirm updates click on Save Changes. To cancel them click on Cancel Changes
Code List edit26 LP.png
  • If changes have been saved, you will now be able to Validate the Code List.
  • If Validation is unsuccessful, a list of Validation Errors is displayed
Validatefail LP.png
  • If Validation is successful a message is displayed
Validateok1 LP.png
  • Validation must be successful before a Code List can be Published.
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