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You can edit a draft Code List's template as follows:

Code List template edit1 LP.png
The example above shows a Hierarchical Code List that has five Levels. Other sorts of Code List are described here.
  • You can either edit the Code List's contents or its template as described below:
  • If you wish to edit one of the Level templates press the appropriate Edit button. The Level's template properties are made available for editing:
Code List template edit2 LP.png
  • Help on particular properties such as Code Format is available by clicking on the blue question mark symbols
  • You can change properties as required. Then press Save.
  • You can delete a Level (which will also delete all the Code List Elements in that Level) by pressing Delete.
  • You can re-order a Level by clicking the arrow symbols to move it up or down in the list as required.
  • The Edit button in the top panel of the page allows you to make changes to the four rule switches below the list of Levels as well as to the other details of the Code List such as its Name and Publication Policy:
Code List template edit3 LP.png
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