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You can edit a Code Map as follows:

  • You need to be logged in, you need to have the Context Map editor role and you need to be a member of the Steward Team of the Context Map in which the Code Map is contained.
  • Navigate to the relevant Context Map (see How to find a Context Map):
  • The Links tab will show a list of all the Links that have been created in the Context Map using the Link editor:
  • Each link is annotated to show how many mappings exist for source and target codes
  • Choose a Link whose Code Map you wish to create or edit and click on the Link Type field. You will see details of the Link. (NB if you click on the Source or Target Data Type fields you will be taken to a page showing you the details of the EDT which is not what you want):
  • If you clicked on a Mapped link you will see the existing Mappings and options for deleting or detaching the Code Map:
  • If you clicked on an Unmapped link you will see options for creating a Code Map:
  • If there are any compatible Code Maps already published in another Context Map (perhaps by some other organization) you will see options for borrow a Code Map:
  • You can edit mappings in a Code Map by pressing the Edit Mappings button. The Code Map editor will appear (use of the filter fields is described here):
  • You can create obvious mappings automatically using the Auto Map tool
  • Move your mouse over the list of Source Codes and drag one of the Codes (not the Meanings) towards the list of Target Codes:CodeMapEdit2.gif
  • On releasing the mouse button a Mapping is created between the selected Source Code and Target Code. The Mapping is not shown as a line as experience has shown this gets confusing with a realistic number of Mappings. Instead each mapped Source Code contains a list of the Target Codes that it has been mapped to and vice versa.
  • Repeat as many times as required - you can also drag from Target to Source and amend Mappings by dragging them up or down in either the Source or Target Code lists
  • To delete a Mapping press the small cross to the left of either Mapping end
  • At the bottom of the page a list of changes builds up - these are all held locally until you save them or cancel:
  • Press the Save Changes button. The list of changes disappears.
  • You can continue to make further Mapping edits as above or press View Only to return to the Link page.
  • If you are mapping between two long lists of codes you can use filters to find relevant Source or Target Codes instead of paging through the full list
  • NB If you open a Link where the Source or Target end is broken (it does not match a Data Type name) you will see the following:
This condition can be corrected in the Link Editor by dragging the broken end of the link to a valid Data Type name or by deleting the Link.
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