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You can edit a draft Context Map as follows:

  • If you wish to edit the main details (its template) press the Edit button in the top panel then see How to edit a Context Map template
  • If you wish to add/edit its Links press the Edit Links button on the Links tab. The Link editor will appear (use of the filter fields is described here):
  • Move your mouse over the list of Source Data Types and drag one of the Names towards the list of Target Data Types:
  • On releasing the mouse button a Link is created between the selected Source EDT and Target EDT. Each end of the Link is marked with a N indicating it is a new link that has not yet been saved. The Link is not shown as a line as experience has shown this gets confusing with a realistic number of Links
  • Repeat as many times as required - you can also drag from Target to Source and amend Links by dragging them up or down in either the Source or Target EDT lists
  • To delete a Link press the small cross to the left of either Link end
  • At the bottom of the page a list of changes builds up - these are all held locally until you save them or cancel:
  • Press the Save Changes button. The list of changes disappears and the symbols next to each Link end are now replaced with a U indicating an Unmapped Link or a D indicating a Direct Link (if the underlying Source and Target Code Lists happen to be the same):
  • You can continue to make further Link edits as above or press View Only to proceed to Code Map editing.
  • If you are linking long lists of Data Types you can use filters to find relevant Source or Target Data Types instead of paging through the full list.
  • Now see How to edit a Code Map to populate your Unmapped links with mappings.
  • NB: In the Source Data Type column the Property Type entry is marked with a red plus symbol. This means that 'Property Type' does not match the names of any of the EDTs in the Source Context. This can occur if the draft Context Map has been revised to link a newer version of the Source Context but that newer Source Context no longer has 'Property Type' as an EDT. Rather than lose the fact that there was a Link between 'Property Type' and 'MATERIAL_ITEM_CLASS_CODE' and hence also the Mappings CLMS displays the old Link but shows that one or both ends no longer resolve against the new EDTs. The Link can be dragged to a new Source EDT (in this case perhaps 'Property Index Type' is the new name) or deleted.
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