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You can edit a Context Map's template as follows:

ContextMapEdit10 LP.png
  • The Context Map name can be changed though generally a name reflecting the source and target contexts is a good idea.
  • The Version number can be set to reflect any local preferred numbering scheme.
  • The Source and Target Contexts can be changed. First click the 'Change' button. The top drop down box lets you choose between the different Context Lineages and the bottom drop down box lets you choose versions within the Lineage above. If you change the Source or Target Contexts any Links belonging to the Context Map are reinterpreted against the EDT names of the new Source and Target Contexts. Where an EDT match is found the Mappings are also re-interpreted against the Codes in the underlying Code Lists. This can result in some Links no longer being recognized and some Mappings not being recognized. All unrecognized Links and Mappings are preserved, highlighted and can subsequently be corrected using the Link Editor and Map Editor
  • The Publication Policy should be left as Public unless there are good reasons to hide it from other users.
  • The Discussion Forum URL can be set if you wish to encourage discussion on this Context Map on some web-based forum.
  • A Description and Change Reason are helpful. You can also provide Usage Guidelines on any limitations.
  • The Planned Live Date field allows you to enter a date when you anticipate/require this Context Map to come into effect. Nothing is yet dependent on this date but it will become important when applications start to use CLMS as a change synchronization mechanism.
  • When you have made all the required changes press the Update button.
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