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You can edit a downloaded Code List as follows:

  • You need to have downloaded a Code List as either XML or Spreadsheet
  • If you wish to edit a Code List downloaded as XML continue here
  • The spreadsheet format for Code List downloads comprises:
    • A CV Set Summary page (first worksheet) where the name and administrative details of the Code List are shown:
Code List download ss1.jpg
    • A Templates page (second worksheet) where the Code List Template rules appear:
Code List download ss2.jpg
    • A series of further worksheets, one for each Level in the Code List (e.g. Level 1) showing the set of values within that Level:
Code List download ss3.jpg
  • The fields with a green background are labels. If you alter the contents or positions of these fields you may break the upload mechanism.
  • The fields with a grey background are read-only fields. You can alter the contents of these fields but they will be ignored if you subsequently upload the Context Map to the server.
  • You can change the values of any fields with a normal background and these values will then be accepted if you upload the Code List spreadsheet to the server.
  • When you save your edited Code List spreadsheet you MUST keep it as an XML Spreadsheet. Native Excel spreadsheets cannot be read by the uploader.
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