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You can edit a downloaded Context Map as follows:

  • You need to have downloaded a Context Map as either XML or Spreadsheet
  • If you wish to edit a Context Map downloaded as XML continue here
  • The spreadsheet format for Context Map downloads comprises:
    • A Context Map Summary page (first worksheet) where the name and administrative details of the Context Map are shown:
Context map download ss1.jpg
    • A Map Index page (second worksheet) where the list of Links and their Cardinalities appear:
Context map download ss2.jpg
    • A series of further worksheets, one for each Code Map (e.g. CV Map 48) showing the set of Mappings for each Code Map:
Context map download ss3.jpg
  • The fields with a green background are labels. If you alter the contents or positions of these fields you may break the upload mechanism.
  • The fields with a grey background are read-only fields. You can alter the contents of these fields but they will be ignored if you subsequently upload the Context Map to the server.
  • You can change the values of any fields with a normal background and these values will then be accepted if you upload the Context Map spreadsheet to the server.
  • On the Code Map pages columns B and D (will eventually) show the meaning for each mapped code. This information comes from the relevant Code Lists (there is a link at the top of those columns) and cannot be edited here. Mappings can be changed by altering/adding/deleting Source Code and Target Code pairs only. You can delete these Meaning columns if they are confusing.
  • If you have lists of mappings that you have prepared in some other tool you can cut and paste them into the Code Map pages but make sure that the Source Code goes in the 'Source Code' column and the Target Code in the 'Target Code' column (which is column C unless you choose to delete column B).
  • When you save your edited Context Map spreadsheet you MUST keep it as an XML Spreadsheet. Native Excel spreadsheets cannot be read by the uploader.
  • More advanced editing techniques are here
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