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As well as just editing the contents of a Context Map that you downloaded you can also insert or delete Links and Code Maps. This is more complicated and easy to get wrong. It is easier to do Link editing on the website and then download your Context Map with the Links and Code Maps already set up as required. However, if you wish to try more advanced editing you can follow these instructions:

  • You can insert an extra Link and Code Map as follows:
    • Create a new worksheet by copying one of the existing 'Context Map' worksheets.
    • Change the name of the worksheet to be 'Context Map xxx' where xxx is a new number not already used for one of the other Code Maps
    • On the Map Index page copy a Link line that is 'Mapped' and paste it at the bottom of the list
    • Edit the Source EDT name to be a valid EDT name in the Source Context
    • Edit the Target EDT name to be a valid EDT name in the Target Context
    • Edit the hyperlink associated with the Mapped field (column B) so that the link goes to page 'Context Map xxx' as above
    • If you fail to match up the two Context Map Ids the Context Map will not upload
  • You can delete a Link as follows:
    • Delete the Code Map worksheet 'Context Map xxx'
    • Delete the corresponding Link on the Map Index page. Close the gap in the list of Links by deleting rows as necessary.
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