How to edit a downloaded Context Map as XML

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You can edit a downloaded Context Map in its XML form as follows:

  • You need to have downloaded your Context Map and saved it as an XML document
  • Open your XML editor application (Notepad is OK but [XMLNotepad] or [XMLSpy] are better)
  • Open your downloaded XML Context Map
  • You can change the contents of most elements (refer to the spreadsheet instructions for guidance on what can be changed and what will be ignored on subsequent upload).
  • Note that the Context Map document has an associated XSD schema and your edits will be validated against the schema before the upload is processed. So, observe maximum fields lengths and permitted enumeration values to avoid validation errors.
  • If you wish to insert extra Links (ie <ContextLink> elements) you need to ensure that the number you choose to put in the <ContextLink><CVMapId> element matches the same number in a corresponding <CVMap><CVMapId> later in your document.
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