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Normally a single Admin Item supersedes a single older version of that Admin Item.

The chain of draft, latest and superseded Admin Items is called a Lineage. Starting a new draft of an Item automatically extends the Lineage by adding a new entry to the start of the chain.

Although normally just a simple chain the Lineage can be edited to form more of a tree structure as follows:

  • You need to be logged in and you need to have the Registrar role
  • Browse to the Item whose Lineage you wish to edit
  • Select the History tab:

History2 LP.png

  • In the Direct relationships... panel links to the immediate successor and predecessor Items are shown. These links can be removed using the Remove? button.
  • Alternative or additional relationships to other Items can be created by first using the two dropdown boxes to select a relationship type and the Item to which the link should be made:

History3 LP.png

  • The Add Relationship button then creates the link and the new lineage will be displayed with new Latest and Superseded statuses calculated as appropriate.

Note that the "Based on/Contributed to" choices are weaker forms of relationship that do not affect the Admin Status of the related Item - it stays as "Latest" if that is what it was before the link was added.

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