How to publish a Code List

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Before a Code List can be published it must have been Validated successfully.

Publish code list LP.png
  • Click on Publish
  • The Code List will be automatically validated first, and if this is not successful an error messge is displayed, and it will not be published.
Code List publish validation error LP.png
  • If you receive an error message stating that you cannot publish because you were the last person to make a change you will need to find someone else in the relevant Steward Team either to make a final change or to do the publish on your behalf. This is known as 'Four Eyes Approval' and is an Information Assurance requirement to ensure the integrity of CLMS data.
  • If Publication is successful:
- the status of the Code List will change from Draft (Drafticon.GIF) to Latest(Latesticon.GIF)
- the Publication Date (displayed on the Admin Details tab) will be updated.
- the previous version of the Code List will change from Latest to Superseded (Supersededicon.GIF)
  • On publication an alert message is sent to all registered CLMS users who have an interest in the Code List.
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