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You can Publish a Context as follows:

  • You need:
Once a Context has been published you may not change it.
Although it is not mandatory, it is good practice to ensure that at the time of publication all the Data Types contained within the Context are referencing the latest versions of the Code Lists unless you specifically want to use earlier versions of them. If any need updating this can be done by editing the Data Type
You will not be able to Publish if any of the Code Lists referenced by your EDTs are Draft.
  • Select the Admin Details tab and check that the admin details are correct.
For example you may want to update the version number before publication, and complete the 'Reason For Change' and 'Expected Live Date' fields.
  • If any of the Admin details need updating click on Edit
  • Before publishing your Context you need to validate it and correct any business rule failures.
  • You may also wish to review the Publication Policy of the Context to ensure that it is accessible to the right users once published.
  • When you are ready to publish, Click on Publish.
  • If you receive an error message stating that you cannot publish because you were the last person to make a change you will need to find someone else in the relevant Steward Team either to make a final change or to do the publish on your behalf. This is known as 'Four Eyes Approval' and is an Information Assurance requirement to ensure the integrity of Listpoint data.
  • An email alert will be sent to all interested users to inform them that a new Context has been published.
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