How to transfer an Admin Item to a new Steward Team

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Most Admin Items will be created by a particular Steward team and the same team will then maintain all subsequent versions of the Admin Item throughout its life.

However, during its life responsibilities may change:

  • the Steward team may be disbanded;
  • a key team member may move to a new Organization;
  • it may be agreed that another Team is better placed to maintain the item.

In this case a user with the Access Editor role needs to be involved in changing the Steward Team and/or Owner Team for the item.

  • To transfer an Admin Item to a new Steward Team/Owner Team you need the Access Editor role. You also need to be a member of the current Steward Team for the item and a member of the intended new Steward Team. This is so that changes of Steward Team can only be done by someone who already has access to the item 'pushing' it to a new Steward Team rather than anyone with the right role 'stealing' it from the current Team.
Context admindetails tab1.gif
  • Press Edit. The Owner Team, Steward Team and Scope fields become modifiable.
  • Select the new Owner and/or Steward Teams using the dropdown lists
  • Press Update. The item will be transferred to the new Owner and Steward Teams and, depending on the setting of Publication Policy and whether it is Draft or not, it may cease to be accessible by you or the users in the original Owner and Steward Teams.

NB Someone with the Registrar role can also do this and they do not necessarily need to belong to the intended new Steward Team so can push items into a team in a new Organization.

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