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You can upload a Context Map as follows:

Context map upload tab.jpg
  • Press the Browse... button. A Choose File dialog box is displayed:
Context map upload choose file dialog.jpg
  • Browse to the location of the file you wish to upload. Note that the file must be of exactly the right structure or the upload will fail with a 'schema validation' error. The structure required is what you get when you download either as XML or spreadsheet.
  • Press the Open button. The Upload tab is redisplayed with your chosen filename in the Upload file name field.
  • Press the Upload button. While your file is being uploaded to the website you will see the following:
Context map uploading.jpg
  • When it finishes uploading the structure will be checked and, if all is well, the Links and Code Maps of the uploaded file are compared with those already present in the Context Map on the server and the Upload Options panel will be displayed:
Context map upload options.jpg
  • The top row shows any Links in your file that do not match existing ones already present on the server. You can choose either to 'Append' these new Links (and possible Code Maps) to those already in the existing Context Map (the default) or 'Ignore' them.
  • The middle row shows those Links that match with ones already present (ie same Source and Target EDT names). You can choose to 'Replace' the mappings in the existing Code Maps with the ones in your file, 'Append' the mappings in your file to the Code Maps that already exist. 'Ignore' the mappings in your file and keep the ones already present on the server.
  • The bottom row shows those Links that are present on the server but not in your file. You can choose to 'Delete' the existing server Links (and their Code Maps) or 'Retain' the existing Links and Maps.
  • If you accept the default options the effect will be to make the existing Context Map on the server match what you have uploaded. By changing options you can change just selected parts of the existing Context Map.
  • Press the Continue button. Your chosen options determine how your uploaded file is merged with the Context Map on the server.
  • If you receive an error message instead of seeing the Upload Options panel continue here.
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