How to use filters when editing a Code Map

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(NB This functionality will be released shortly)

You can use filters to make Code Map editing easier when mapping big lists as follows:

  • In the Mapping editor the filter fields appear above the Source and Target Code lists:
  • If you click in the first field (above Source Code) and enter, say, 'D' the list of Source Codes will be filtered to show just those that start with 'D':
  • Above the filter fields further controls appear allowing you to specify how the filter is to be applied (Starts With, Ends With, Contains, Equals)
  • You can do the same with the Meaning field
  • This allows you to focus on just a Source Codes or Meanings and similarly the corresponding Target Codes or Meanings and map them before moving onto another area.
  • The filtering can be removed by pressing the Clear Filter button
  • The filter is applied one second after making the last change so if you enter say 'Public' in the Target Meaning filter field and then wait one second it will be applied and the Target Codes restricted to just those where the Meaning contains 'Public' without the filter being applied for each keystroke.
  • The third field allows you to filter for:
    • Codes that have more than one mapping (which is usually an error at the Source end)
    • Codes that do not have a mapping (which might be an error)
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