How to validate a Code List

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After editing a draft Code List, it must be successfully Validated before it can be Published.

The Validate function validates all the elements in the Code List against the Business Rules as defined in the Code List Template and the Level template(s).

  • You need to be logged in. You also need to be a member of the Code List's Steward Team, and have the Code List Editor role.
  • Find the draft Code List that you wish to validate. The Code List page page is displayed.
  • Select the Template tab
  • Select any Level by clicking on either the Level Number (i.e. #1, #2 etc) or Name. The Level Page is displayed.
  • Select the Contents tab and then click on Edit followed by Validate.
Validatefail5 LP.png
  • If Validation is unsuccessful, a list of Validation Errors is displayed.
  • Once Validation is successful the Code List can be published.
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