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Welcome to the help pages for Listpoint (formerly known as CLMS). You should find the answers to your questions here. For further help you can email the Listpoint Helpdesk (or telephone 0845 603 3806).


Getting Started


User Manual


Web Services

Application specific help

Development Plans

Getting Involved

Listpoint is a collaborative platform. We actively encourage users to share the Code Lists they have with others by publishing them on Listpoint. These help pages are intended to provide you with the knowledge to do that.

As you learn more about Listpoint you may come up with better ways of explaining the concepts than we have. You may also wish to suggest or even dictate how people in your organization should use Listpoint to manage Code Lists. Feel free to use the Listpoint help pages to share your knowledge and publish your organizational guidelines. If you have general contributions to make you can edit the main wiki pages. If your contributions are specific to a particular organization or application or business area you can use the Application Specific section.

The MediaWiki software that manages these help pages also powers Wikipedia so should support most needs. Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on how to edit pages. Unfortunately, due to the actions of spammers, you will now need to contact the Helpdesk if you wish to create a wiki account.

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