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The Publication Policy of an Admin Item determines who can see it on the Listpoint website once it has been published.

It has the following possible settings:

Option Icon Description
Public PubPol1.GIF This means that anyone can see the Item, even anonymous users.
Just Registered Users PubPol2.GIF This means that a Listpoint user must have logged in to see the Item.
Consumer Team Members PubPol4.gif This means that Listpoint users who are Owner Team or Steward Team members of an Item that consumes this item may see it once it has been published. So, a Code List can be seen by members of a Context that uses it. Or a Context Map can be seen by members of either its Source or Target Context. This is the recommended policy to use for all Context Maps.
Owner Steward Team Members PubPol3.GIF This means that only Listpoint users who belong to either the Owner Team or the Steward Team of the Item itself may see it once it has been published (the same privacy as when an item is Draft). This effectively establishes a Closed User Group around the Item comprising just members of its Owner and Steward Team.

Note that while an Item is in Draft just the Owner and Steward team users can see it. Only when the Item is published does the Publication Policy take effect.

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