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CLMS Release 5.1b will comprise the following changes:


New features

Bug fixes for 'live' bugs


  • Bug #902 Locked-out User email is sent to users without User Editor Roles
  • Bug #968 Context Map Validation errors not displayed correctly when BR366 is included
  • Bug #970 If a user has Registrar role but NOT Context Map Editor role the Edit button for the Context Map Admin Details tab is displayed but the page throws an error when the button is pressed.
  • Bug #975 The Context Map Validate button present when the Context Map is in edit mode
  • Bugs #976-979 Four of the Context Map Business Rules that check the cardinalities of Code Maps (e.g. is a code mapped more than once?) did not work as intended. A Context Map could be published that has unreported Business Rule validation errors. If any Context Maps are published before the bugs are fixed the development team will revalidate them and inform the respective Steward Team if any unreported validation errors are detected.
  • Bug #980 A further Context Map Business Rule that checks that the Planned Live Date on a Context Map is no earlier than the Live Date on its Source or Target Context failed under certain conditions.
  • Bugs #984/985 If the Element Value Policy for an EDT was set to either 'Use Code without Parent Code' or 'Use Full Meaning' (which are both unusual options) AND the Type Length was left blank an erroneous Business Rule validation error was generated.
  • Bug #986 Unable to delete draft Code List incorrect error message
  • Bug #987 Code List Legacy Code Map navigation incorrect
  • Bug #989 Code List Search error - The Search function for ' example Codes or Meanings' gave error:
Please choose "Code Lists" when searching for example CV Elements even when Code Lists are selected
  • Bug #990 New Context error message when no Version number entered was unfriendly
  • Bug #991 Duplicate EDT name error message incorrect
  • Bug #992 Organization Browse showed Superseded Contexts
  • Bug #994 Team membership delete error
  • Bug #999 Context Map Validation Timeout error message - no success/failure message was displayed
  • Bug #1000 Context Map Validation timed out under some circumstances
  • Bug #1019 Next page button doesn't work sometimes in Community Browse (e.g. for "Police Service")
  • Bug #1033 New User email alerts not going to all the relevant User Administrators
  • Bug #1034 EDT edit - Level dropdown anomoly
  • Bug #1070 Server error on accessing an EDT in an inaccessible Context
  • Bug #1074 Can map same pair of codes more than once

Known issues with this release

  • Code Maps cannot be uploaded with Workbench as it has not been revised to support Context Maps. In the next release it is planned to provide upload functions for Code Lists, Contexts and Context Maps through the user's browser directly to the website so Workbench is no longer required. This is because so many users have experienced difficulty in installing Workbench. Workbench will continue to be supported as a legacy tool for the time being.
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