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CLMS Release 5.3 comprised the following changes:

New features

  • FR #789 Enhanced searching - search within a Context (e.g. constrain search to PND v0.7)
  • FR #790 Improve grouping of search results - group by Code List/Context and allow drill-down to actual matches
  • FR #795 Mark obsolete codes when mapping - now any codes that are obsolete are shown with strikethrough
  • FR #868 Drop down text area to allow easier editing of long Meanings in Code List Editor
  • FR #1184 Are you sure? prompts when deleting Level, Context Map, Code Map, Link, User
  • FR #1220 Code List filtering on EDT page
  • FR #1231 Disable email alerts - allow emails to be switched off on training instances of CLMS
  • FR #1238 Access Editor role - new Role permitting Ownership and Stewardship of objects to be changed within your current set of Teams
  • FR #1240 Alert User Administrators when a user has been approved
  • FR #1243 Auto Mapping - automatically creating Mappings based on matching Codes and/or Meanings
  • FR #1248 Indication of Code Map completeness - statistics on how many codes have been mapped in each Code Map
  • FR #1262 New "Consumer Team members" Publication Policy - not quite as restrictive as Just Team Users. Recommended for all Context Maps so PND can read them when published.

Bug fixes for 'live' bugs

  • Bug #1226 Orphaned Code Maps should not be validated
  • Bug #1229 EDT filters not working in Code Map editor
  • Bug #1232 No buttons to drop Team memberships for current user
  • Bug #1233 User Editor role allows editing of any user
  • Bug #1237 Difference Report xls spreadsheet is incorrect
  • Bug #1241 Cannot open downloads in Excel 2007
  • Bug #1242 Code Mapping does not display Null Code and Meaning from EDT
  • Bug #1244 Multiple "Request for CLMS User account" emails received by User Administrators
  • Bug #1245 Code List spreadsheet Download gives error
  • Bug #1249 Wrong error message when attempting to download a missing Context Map
  • Bug #1250 Cached copy of Published Admin Items should be refreshed when post-Publish changes are made
  • Bug #1252 Download Code List spreadsheet contains control characters
  • Bug #1253 Hierarchical Code List having Level 1 with '*' Free Format Codes doesn't display meanings
  • Bug #1254 When uploading certain Code Lists 'replace' is treated like 'append'
  • Bug #1255 New user can be approved with no assigned teams or roles
  • Bug #1258 Produce more informative error message when user tries to upload a native Excel spreadsheet
  • Bug #1259 Code List download will not open in Excel 2007 (again)
  • Bug #1260 Large Code List download failed
  • Bug #1266 Cannot create a Code List from an Owner Team
  • Bug #1267 Update Code List name and version to be non-unique gives no error message
  • Bug #1271 Unable to save a change in the Code List editor
  • Bug #1272 Cannot delete a Code List that has orphaned Code Maps that reference it
  • Bug #1273 If no-one has User Editor role in an Organization's Administration Team then no-one gets alerted when a new user registers
  • Bug #1290 No indication of orphaned (detached) Code Maps in downloaded Context Map spreadsheet - new 'Detached CV Maps' tab added listing orphaned Code Maps so they are easier to delete
  • Bug #1295 Blank rows in uploaded spreadsheets throw errors - rows with styles (e.g. bold) but no content are now ignored
  • Bug #1299 Performance of the website - changed the way access rights are determined to use a precalculated cache. Significant improvement in most page load times.
  • Bug #1302 Context Maps with mappings to Null Codes fail validation and cannot be published.

Known issues with this release

  • Bug #1312 Navigation to Code List Level then to any Code Map while in Edit mode gives error
  • Bug #1315 Single EDT download as XML Spreadsheet fails (workaround - download the whole Context as an XML Spreadsheet or the underlying Code List spreadsheet)
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