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A Team is a subdivision of an Organization to which Listpoint users can belong.

Users can belong to many Teams as required to discharge their responsibilities in one or more Organizations. For instance, a user might belong to a few Teams within the Organization that pays their salary however they may also belong to Teams (e.g. "Data Standards Forum") belonging to another Organization. This allows them to participate in the review process for new drafts of Admin Items in which they have an interest but which are stewarded by other Organizations.

A Team can be set up as one of three types:

Team Type Description
Owner Team An Owner Team can be the Owner of a number of Admin Items (Contexts, Code List, Context Maps). Members of the Owner Team are allowed to review these Admin Items while they are in draft. Other users cannot access the drafts. Owner Teams typically have members from many Organizations.
Steward Team A Steward Team can be the Steward of a number of Admin Items (Contexts, Code Lists, Context Maps). Members of the Steward Team are allowed to edit these Admin Items provided they have the requisite Editor roles. They may also create new Admin Items in a Steward Team that they belong to subject to the appropriate Creator role. Steward Teams typically have members who work together within one Organization.
Not set A "Not set" Team can be used as both an Owner and a Steward Team for Admin Items. Teams of this sort will gradually be converted to either Owner or Steward as appropriate in due course

A Team can be created or deleted by someone with the Team Creator role who is a member of the Administration Team for the relevant Organization.

A Team can be edited (change the name and contact details etc) by a member of the team who has the Team Editor role.

Only a Registrar or Access Editor may change the Owner or Steward Team for an Admin Item once it has been created.

How To guides for Teams are here

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